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serving since 1961


Roy and Chuck opened the doors of our first facility in 1961 in a small processing plant located behind what is now Meadowbrook Trailer Court. Then in 1969 they began plans on our current facility. The building was finished in March of 1973. At that time we were strictly a custom beef and lamb processing facility.

Over the years we have grown. We have since added on to the building three times and added a storage barn and two picnic pavilions. We have added custom processing of hogs, goats, buffalo, elk, and wild game.

Family-owned & operated

Custom meat Processor

At Turk Brothers, we are proud to serve the Ashland and surrounding areas. It is our goal to provide healthy, fresh, quality meat and custom processing at an affordable cost. It is our goal to ensure the satisfaction of every customer we serve. It is our privilege to serve our customers and we strive to be a valuable partner within our community.

Our specials

Freezer Bundle #1

- 1 Chuck Roast
- 1 Pork Roast
- 1 Pkg Pork Chops (4) each
- 2 Pkg Cube Steak (4) each
- 2 Pkg Swiss Steak (4) each
- 5 Pkg Ground Beef (1) Lb each
- 1 Round Steak

Freezer Bundle #2

All items above, plus:
- 5 Lbs Ground Beef Patties
- 1 Pkg Combo Pack Chicken (6) pieces
- 2 Lb Bulk Sausage
- 2 Lb Hot Dogs

Freezer Bundle #3

All items above, plus:
- 2 Pkg Ribeye Steaks (2) each
- 2 Pkg Ground Sirloin Patties (4) each
- 1 Pkg Casing Sausage
- 1 Lb Beef Stew

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